Korean Makeup

Why are so many people obsessed with Korean makeup?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about the origins of Korean skin care and how you can benefit from it, so we thought it was time to pay homage to another area that they do so very well.

Korean makeup is something that is increasingly on the rise, but what’s all the fuss about? Well, firstly, lets delve into why so many people want to achieve that Korean makeup look.

K-beauty is bigger and more popular than ever before, and just like skincare, their makeup is based on being kind and gentle to the skin. Traditionally speaking, having healthy, glowing and soft skin is a way to show inner beauty, and this is certainly reflected in their makeup looks and products.

Because of this, many Koreans like to use light, gentle and natural ingredients to achieve a glowing look that lasts all day. Whilst many people in the West tend to prefer “heavier” makeup looks, it’s easy to see that K-beauty is having an influence across the world as more people are beginning to embrace the natural look.

So, how can you start building a flawless Korean makeup routine?

As with all makeup routines, it’s vital to invest in your skincare before and after makeup application so your skin remains happy and healthy. (See our post on how to build a 10-step Korean skincare routine for more info.)

Once you’re ready to build an iconic Korean makeup look, you can consider the following:

Foundation- something you’ll see a lot of with Korean makeup is cushion compacts. Perfect for on the go, the cushion compact helps to achieve a dewy look as you gently press the foundation in a patting motion. Some good choices are CLIO Kill Cover Fixer Cushion 15g or MISSHA - Magic Cushion Cover Lasting SPF50+.

Concealer- so you can get that flawless look, applying a small dab of concealer to your dark eyes or imperfections can make the world of difference. We recommend CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Concealer that is available in three shades.

Blush- once your base is set in place, you’ll need a good blusher applied to the high points of your cheeks such as the adorable CATHY DOLL x HELLO KITTY Cotton Blusher.

Eyebrows- many Koreans sport the straight brow, but if you feel this isn’t suitable for your face shape then it’s important to do what feels right. A good choice for a brow pencil is the ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Eye Brow.

Eye makeup- usually Koreans like to use a brown eyeliner so that they can avoid the harshness that comes with black eyeliner. This look helps to create a natural, soft look, and a great choice is the MACQUEEN Waterproof Pen Eyeliner. To create long, smudge proof lashes, many love to use the ETUDE HOUSE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara.

Lips- whether you want to try the popular gradient lip or something subtle, you can play around and see what works for you. The ROM&ND Glasting Water Tint gives you a gorgeous pop of colour whilst achieving the glass lip look.

So, give it a go and let us know what you think!