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Spring Into Radiance: Refreshing Skincare Tips for the New Season

by Haruka Jifuku 13 Mar 2024 0 Comments

Spring Into Radiance: Refreshing Skincare Tips for the New Season

Spring Into Radiance: Refreshing Skincare Tips for the New Season

Ready to bloom with radiant beauty? As the flowers blossom and the birds chirp, it's time to spring into action with our refreshing skincare tips for the new season! Say goodbye to winter woes and hello to a fresh, glowing complexion that's as bright as the spring sun. Join us on a journey of rejuvenation as we unveil the secrets to revitalising your skincare routine for spring. 

  • Switch to Lighter Moisturisers

As temperatures rise and humidity levels increase, the skin tends to produce more natural oils, and heavy moisturisers can feel too occlusive and suffocating. Lighter formulas provide hydration without weighing down the skin and absorb quickly, leaving the skin feeling fresh, comfortable, and well-hydrated. This can help maintain the skin's balance, and prevent excess oiliness!

Dry Skin: SKINFOOD Carrot Carotene Relief Cream (70ml) - £33.00

 SKINFOOD Carrot Carotene Relief Cream (70ml)

SKINFOOD Carrot Carotene Relief Cream soothes irritation and nourishes damaged skin with its lightweight vegan formula. Enriched with β-Carotene from Carrot Extract and Seed Oil, it calms and strengthens the skin's protective barrier, reducing redness and sensitivity with a unique extraction method dating back to the brand's 1950s practices.

Oily to Combination Skin: MIXSOON Glacier Water Ice Soothing Gel (150ml) - £16.00

 MIXSOON Glacier Water Ice Soothing Gel (150ml)

The MIXSOON Glacier Water Ice Soothing Gel provides intense hydration and relief for flaky skin. Enriched with Aloe and Eucalyptus Extracts, it calms redness, soothes irritation, and accelerates the skin's healing process, leaving your skin glowing and refreshed with its lightweight gel texture.

Sensitive Skin: ETUDE HOUSE Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream (60ml) - £18.00

 ETUDE HOUSE Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream (60ml)

This best-selling hypoallergenic cream, a go-to for sensitive skin, boasts 93% naturally derived ingredients, including Panthenol, Madecassoside, Green Tea Extract, and Sunflower Seed Oil. It balances, repairs, hydrates, and soothes the skin while maintaining a low pH and being free of irritants.
  • Always Apply (and Reapply) Sunscreen

As the sun's rays become stronger, it's essential to continue using sunscreen daily. Opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. During the day, it's important to reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours to maintain its sun protection effectiveness.

HARUHARU WONDER Black Rice Pure Mineral Relief Daily Sunscreen (50ml) - £16.00

 HARUHARU WONDER Black Rice Pure Mineral Relief Daily Sunscreen (50ml)

Protect your skin with HARUHARU WONDER Black Rice Pure Mineral Relief Daily Sunscreen, a physical SPF designed to deeply hydrate and soothe sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation. With SPF 50+, PA ++++, and a patented protector against daily blue light exposure, this sunscreen offers excellent sun protection, enriched with antioxidant-rich Fermented Black Rice Extract for nourishment and anti-ageing effects.

ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Airy Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++ (22g) - £25.00

 ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Airy Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++ (22g)

This sun stick is a holy grail for easy and quick sunscreen re-application, even over makeup, leaving no whitecast or greasy residue. Infused with 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide, Olive Fruit Oil, Niacinamide, and plant extracts, it deeply hydrates, nourishes, brightens, and protects against oxidative damage.

  • Incorporate Antioxidants

Add antioxidant-rich toners, essences, or serums into your routine to help protect your skin from environmental damage and free radicals. Vitamin C serums are particularly beneficial for brightening the skin and combating signs of ageing.

PURITO Pure Vitamin C Serum (60ml) - £16.99

 PURITO Pure Vitamin C Serum (60ml)

Get a brighter, youthful complexion with PURITO Pure Vitamin C Serum, which tackles pigmentation and signs of ageing. With 5% Ascorbic Acid and Niacinamide, it diminishes dark spots, improves uneven skin tone, and revitalises dull skin, while Sodium Hyaluronate hydrates deeply, improving elasticity and reducing wrinkles and fine lines with Adenosine.

  • Don’t Forget to Exfoliate the Skin

Adjust your exfoliation routine to remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter, smoother skin. Consider using gentle exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) a few times a week to promote cell turnover and improve skin texture.

SOME BY MI AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Truecica Clear Pad (70pcs) - £22.00

 SOME BY MI AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Truecica Clear Pad (70pcs)

These exfoliating pads combat current and future acne breakouts with a blend of physical and chemical exfoliation. They harness naturally-derived AHA, BHA, and PHA to gently exfoliate, reduce excess sebum, and minimise pores, while Truecica™ and anti-inflammatory Heartleaf Extract soothe irritation and acne.

  • Keep the Skin Hydrated 

Maintain hydration by drinking plenty of water and using hydrating skincare products. Consider using facial mists throughout the day to keep your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated, especially if you spend time outdoors.

NACIFIC Fresh Herb Origin Revival Mist (100ml) - £19.95

 NACIFIC Fresh Herb Origin Revival Mist (100ml)

Crafted from NACIFC's popular Fresh Herb Origin Serum, this expertly formulated mist blends citrus extracts to nourish, brighten, and hydrate your skin, leaving it refreshed and revitalised. Infused with Orange Peel Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil, it moisturises, tightens pores, and protects from external aggressors, while also featuring Niacinamide and Adenosine for anti-ageing and brightening effects.

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