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Oil Cleansing 101: The Guide to The Best Asian Cleansers That Make Your Skin Glow

by Haruka Jifuku 26 May 2023 0 Comments

Oil Cleansing 101: The Guide To The Best Asian Cleansers That Make Your Skin GlowOil Cleansing 101: The Guide to The Best Asian Cleansers That Make Your Skin Glow

In recent years, oil cleansing has gained significant popularity and for good reason. It offers a gentle yet powerful approach to removing impurities, unclogging pores, and achieving radiant skin. But how exactly does oil cleansing work, and what steps are involved? In this blog, we'll walk you through the fundamentals of oil cleansing and provide a step-by-step method to incorporate this transformative technique into your daily skincare regimen. Let's dive in!

The benefits of daily oil cleansing

  • Effective Makeup Removal

Oil cleansers are excellent at dissolving and lifting away makeup, including stubborn and waterproof products. They can effectively break down and remove even the most long-lasting formulas, leaving your skin clean and fresh.

  • Deep Cleansing

Oil cleansers have the ability to penetrate deep into the pores, helping to remove dirt, impurities, and excess sebum. As a result, they can effectively unclog pores and prevent the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, and acne.

  • Balancing Oil Production

Paradoxically, using oil cleansers can actually help balance the skin's oil production. By effectively removing excess oil and impurities without over-stripping the skin, oil cleansers signal to the skin that it doesn't need to produce as much oil, leading to a more balanced complexion.

Cleansing oil vs cleansing balm

  • Cleansing Oil

Suitable for: Cleansing oils are generally suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin. However, people with oily or acne-prone skin may benefit from using lighter, non-comedogenic oils or oil blends.

Benefits: Most cleansing oils are lightweight and easy to spread, providing a gentle and thorough cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural oils. 

  • Cleansing Balm

Suitable for: Cleansing balms are suitable for most skin types, including dry, normal, and combination skin. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with dry or dehydrated skin, as the thicker texture provides additional moisture and can help prevent moisture loss.

Benefits: The thick balm texture can provide a protective layer on the skin, preventing moisture evaporation and leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

How to use oil cleansers effectively

1. Start with a dry face

Begin by ensuring your face is dry. Avoid wetting your skin before applying the oil cleanser, as water can interfere with cleansing.

2. Warm the oil in your hands

Rub your palms together to warm up the oil and create a smooth, even consistency. This helps the oil spread more easily across your face.

3. Gently massage onto your face

Using your fingertips, apply the oil cleanser in gentle, circular motions for at least 1 minute. Start with your cheeks, then move to your forehead, nose, and chin. Ensure you cover your entire face, including the areas around your hairline and jawline.

4. Focus on problem areas

If you're wearing heavy makeup or have areas with stubborn impurities, spend a bit more time massaging the oil cleanser into those specific areas. This will help the oil break down the makeup and grime effectively.

5. Emulsify with water

Wet your hands slightly and continue massaging your face. The water will emulsify the oil cleanser, making it a milky consistency. This step helps to further break down impurities and ensures easier rinsing.

6. Follow up with water cleanser

To remove water-based impurities like sweat, dirt, and environmental pollutants, it is recommended to use a water-based cleanser after oil cleanser. Double cleansing helps the skin have a clean and fresh feel.

Find the best oil cleanser for you

  • Dry skin

Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original (100ml) - £21.00

Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original (100ml)

Indulge in the allure of this beloved hypoallergenic cleanser, revered by skincare enthusiasts worldwide. Delighting in a sherbet-like texture, it defies spillage concerns while gracefully transforming into a luxurious oil consistency upon contact with your skin. This enchanting metamorphosis ensures a captivating cleansing experience. Effortlessly eradicating stubborn waterproof makeup and impurities, this excellent cleanser achieves impeccable results without compromising your skin's natural oils.

  • Oily to combination skin

HARUHARU WONDER Black Rice Moisture Deep Cleansing Oil (150ml) - £18.50

HARUHARU WONDER Black Rice Moisture Deep Cleansing Oil (150ml)

It harnesses the power of incredibly effective ingredients to provide a thorough cleanse, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated without any stripping or irritation. The infusion of Rice Bran Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, and Jojoba Seed Oil ensures optimal hydration and nourishment while simultaneously fortifying the skin barrier, resulting in a soft and well-hydrated complexion. This enables not only a deeper cleansing experience but also imparts anti-ageing care, making it an exceptional addition to your skincare routine.

  • Acne-prone skin

SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil (200ml) - £20.00

SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil (200ml)

Indulge in the soothing and hydrating benefits of this lightweight, non-comedogenic cleansing oil, meticulously crafted to leave your skin nourished and impeccably clean. Enriched with a thoughtfully curated blend of botanical oils, it works diligently to unclog pores, banishing blackheads and stubborn impurities from deep within. The star ingredient, Centella Asiatica (10,000ppm), takes centre stage, renowned for its revered qualities of soothing, strengthening, and nourishing the skin - which makes it perfect for acne-prone skin!

  • Sensitive skin

HADA LABO Gokujyun Cleansing Oil (200ml) - £18.00

HADA LABO Gokujyun Cleansing Oil (200ml)

For sensitive skin types, it is essential to choose a gentle formula without potential irritants. This Japanese cleansing oil offers exceptional effectiveness and hydration. With its velvety, dense texture, it effortlessly eliminates even the most stubborn impurities, including waterproof makeup. Infused with two powerful Super Hyaluronic Acids, Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil, it provides deep nourishment to the skin. The formula is thoughtfully crafted to be free of potential irritants, such as fragrances, artificial colours, mineral oils, and alcohol!

  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding-safe

BEAUTY OF JOSEON Ginseng Cleansing Oil (210ml) - £19.95

BEAUTY OF JOSEON Ginseng Cleansing Oil (210ml)

Crafted by the esteemed Beauty Of Joseon team, this cleansing oil goes beyond mere cleansing by providing protective benefits for your skin while delivering anti-ageing care. It's a remarkable formulation centred around the key ingredient of 50% Soybean Oil and strikes the perfect balance with its light texture, effectively whisking away dirt, sebum, makeup, and other oil-based impurities. Bing made with Micellar Cleansing Technology, this product is suitable for all skin types and safe for pregnant/breastfeeding women.

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