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5 of the Most Common Sunscreen Myths, Debunked

by Lanita Tamal 01 Jun 2022 0 Comments

5 of the Most Common Sunscreen Myths, Debunked 

Sunscreen myths, Korean beauty

When it comes to sunscreen, there are probably more rumours going around than about the most popular girl in high school. Some sunscreen myths are enough to put us off wearing it entirely, which is the worst thing you could do - um, hello skin cancer and premature ageing. To make sure you wear sunscreen on your face every single day (clouds aren’t protection people), we’re going to debunk some of the most common myths that have talked you out of it.

Myth 1: Sunscreens Are Really Drying for The Skin

Reality: Sunscreens get a bad rep for causing dry skin thanks to an ingredient called zinc oxide. It’s a catch 22 situation as zinc oxide is one of the best sun blocking ingredients out there, but it’s also an astringent, which means it cleans up excess oils.

Trouble is, if you have dry skin, you want to hold onto these natural oils as they help to keep your skin moisturised. But it’s not all bad news (zinc oxide is oh-so-dreamy for oily skin), as there are sunscreens that don’t contain zinc oxide.

Best Sunscreen for Dry/Dehydrated Skin: ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel SPF50+ PA++++ (50ml) - £20.50

Innisfree suncream stick

Zinc oxide-free with 8 layers of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, this sunscreen is a summer staple for dry skin. Long-lasting moisture reaches each layer of skin, brightening and firming along the way. Dry skin? She can’t sit with us anymore.

Myth 2: You Can’t Apply Sunscreen Without Having Sticky Hands All Day

 Reality: Wouldn’t it be nice not to get stuck to everything you touch for the next 24 hours after applying sunscreen? Well, consider this sunscreen myth debunked. Sunscreens come in all different forms from compacts to sticks with a mess-free application, so you’ve got no excuse not to wear daily sunscreen on your face.

Best Sunscreen with A Mess-Free Application: VT Essence Sun Pact SPF50+ PA+++ (11g) - £16.50

VT sun pack, viral korean beauty suncream

The marbled formula features a combo of sun protection and skincare ingredients including centella extract to soothe and strengthen the skin, and hyaluronic acid for hydration. Simply press the puff into the compact, then press the puff onto your skin, and voila! No mess necessary.

Myth 3: Sunscreen Always Leaves Your Skin Feeling Greasy

Reality: Yup, you guessed it, it’s another false sunscreen myth. Not all sunscreens will leave your face hella greasy, you’ve just stumbled across the wrong formula. Let me guess, it’s thick, heavy, and tacky straight outta the tube and only gets worse as you apply it to your face. Sound familiar?

If you already have oily skin, greasy sunscreen is probably your worst nightmare (okay, definitely). So, to save you from living in it, we recommend using a watery essence face sunscreen as they have lightweight, watery textures that won’t clog your pores and cause you to break out.

Best Non-Greasy Sunscreen for Oily Skin: BIORE UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ New Formula (50ml) - £16.95

korean suncream, uv aqua rich biore

This viral sunscreen for oily skin didn’t break the internet for no reason. The ultra-light formula looks like a cream but feels like water when you rub it in, allowing your skin to breathe whilst providing the ultimate protection against UV rays. It ensures UV protection evenly covers the entire face with newly developed Micro Defense technology. The capsule is filled with a UV protection agent that transforms into micro crevices when applied, so you’ll never miss a spot again.

Myth 4: You Should Continue to Use Your Regular Sunscreen on Sunburnt Skin

Reality: When your skin is burnt, it’s essentially damaged and begins its natural healing process. The skin typically takes around a week to heal, depending on how intense your sunburn is, so you can pretty much count on anything you do to feel uncomfortable for at least a week.

Switching to a face sunscreen specifically for sunburnt skin will help to speed the healing process along. They’re also a lot kinder to the skin and won’t cause a stinging sensation as you apply them, so you don’t have to psych yourself up every time.

Best Sunscreen for Sunburnt Skin: COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ (50ml) - £12.95

Cosrx suncream aloe, cosrx

 Loaded with soothing aloe vera, this daily sunscreen for the face is rich in antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins A and C for some extra TLC. It provides broad-spectrum protection in a fast-absorbing formula without any white cast, making it the ideal on-the-go sunscreen for when you don’t have access to a mirror – anyone else ever got home and looked like Casper the ghost?

Myth 5: Physical and Chemical Sunscreens Work in the Same Way

 Reality: Yeah, nope. While physical and chemical sunscreens for the face both work to protect your skin from UV rays, they take different approaches. Physical (sometimes known as mineral) sunscreens sit on the surface of the skin and act as a shield to deflect UV rays, whereas chemical sunscreens are more like a sponge and absorb UV rays before they can enter the skin.

Physical sunscreens are generally better for sensitive skin types as they aren’t absorbed by the skin, and as a result, are way less likely to cause irritation. If applying sunscreen is often a gamble for you, physical sunscreen is your safest bet.

Best Physical Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin: AXIS-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ (50ml) - £19.95

Axis-y korean suncream

Craved by sensitive skin types, this physical face sunscreen is allergen-free with no artificial fragrance, but this doesn’t mean you have to miss out. It doubles up as skincare featuring mugwort extract, squalene, and 2% niacinamide to brighten, heal, and reduce the signs of ageing.

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