Helpful Tips For Korean Beauty Products

How to stop sweat from ruining your makeup routine with Korean beauty products

This heatwave is something that we’re all trying to get used to, and whilst you may want to enjoy its beauty, the reality is that our makeup can be greatly affected when it comes to sweating.

Helping to keep us cool, sweating is a normal part of life and something we don’t need to feel embarrassed about, but it can be tricky when we want to apply our makeup and keep it on for the day. After all, no one wants runny mascara and streaky foundation lines!

However, with a few simple steps, you can look cool this summer and stop sweat from running your makeup:

Invest in a good primer- a primer is there to prep the skin for makeup application and helps to smooth out lines and wrinkles for a flawless look. Another benefit of a primer is that it helps to keep makeup on all day, and many primers can help to hold the makeup in place despite of water or sweat.

Small steps make a big difference- we all know how important our skincare routine is when it comes to flawless makeup, but make sure your face is cool and dry before application. Keep a fan close by so the room is breezy, pop the jade roller in the fridge to keep your skin cool and treat yourself to an icy drink as you get to work.

Never underestimate the power of a face mist- quite often people are put off by the thought of a face mist ruining their makeup, but in reality, they work to refresh the skin without interfering with your hard work. Something like the PYUNKANG YUL Mist Toner is a great choice as it’s easily absorbed into the skin and can be used as a toner during prep or throughout the day to stay cool.

Less is always more- lightweight layers are the way forward during this heatwave, so keep it light and simple and maybe try avoiding a full face of foundation and replacing it with concealer.

Don’t forget your waterproof mascaras- when a product says it’s waterproof, it’s more likely going to help you in the sweat department. Choosing a waterproof mascara ensures you never rock the panda look when you’re caught in a sweat. A staple choice for many is the ETUDE HOUSE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara (Black).

Waterproof sunscreen- last on the list is the all-important sunscreen. You’ll know by now how passionate we are about sunscreen, and making sure you’re choosing a waterproof sunscreen will make all the difference when it comes to protecting your skin and your makeup.